We build traditional Tibetan altar cabinets that are handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California to your preference—you choose the wood, color, stain and design. We strive to provide you with a unique and one of a kind focal point for your home.

Our altars are designed to highlight the intricate woodcarvings handcreated in Nepal. Carvers understand centuries old techniques and have learned skills passed down for generations. Our goal is to provide opportunities for these generational Nepali wood artists to continue their traditional craft and to offer an opportunity to bring your own sacred space to life with authentic artistry.

We create altars in any size, as well as making them as simple or as ornate as you choose. Please contact us for a consultation, design plan and an estimate.

Shipping is available anywhere in the US. If you live outside of the US, please contact us to discuss options.


The focal point of any Tibetan home is the altar room.

Traditionally, the altars are the heart of the home, a place for daily prayers and offerings. It is a place where families and friends come to offer respect and receive blessings.

Growing up in Nepal, my mother would start each day in the altar room, setting the energy for the day. It was always a place where I felt peaceful, calm and connected to my culture.

I have been in the United States for over 20 years now and have built a small hardwood flooring business on the Central Coast of California. I started Tibetan Altars out of a desire to create something meaningful for my customers and bring them that same sense of peace that I experienced growing up in Nepal.

— Ngima Chiring, founder Tibetan Altars




Please come and visit us at the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley, California on the weekend of May 20th-21st.

We’d love to meet you and show you some of the most recent altars we’ve created.

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Our workshop is located in Santa Cruz, California. Visit us by appointment only. We would be happy to discuss your needs and create the perfect altar for your home.